Leonie is a 30 year-old mum from Coventry who has a learning disability. Leonie receives 12 hours of support each week from Real Life Options, a national voluntary organisation dedicated to providing person-centred support for people with learning disabilities. Leonie’s package of support includes help to attend appointments and events, as well as help with shopping and managing finances. However, a challenge arose when Leonie chose to move into her own flat with her young son, Regan…

How could Leonie ensure that she and Regan were living as safely as possible? How could Real Life Options support Leonie in a way that maximised her independence while minimising the risks of independent living, such as the risks of fire, flood, falls or illness? And, how could all of this be achieved in a cost-effective way that did not impact on Leonie’s ability to live the life she had chosen?

Following an assessment by her social worker, Leonie moved into a flat that was fitted with telecare. Real Life Options support staff are based within the same building as Leonie’s flat and use telecare to support Leonie and Regan’s wellbeing 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Leonie uses:
• An alarm for her front door
• A bogus caller/panic button
• Flood and heat sensors
• A personal telecare alarm

This technology is linked to a portable alarm called a CareAssist, so support staff can receive alerts from the telecare in Leonie’s flat. The CareAssist is monitored by the on-site support staff and offers a cost-effective way to provide high quality, non-intrusive support.

Telecare minimises risks in many ways. For example, the door alarm can alert Leonie if Regan decides to leave the flat without her. Having a personal alarm means Leonie can raise an alert from anywhere in her flat if she feels in danger or is unwell. Leonie’s flood and heat sensors can also raise an alert via the CareAssist if anyone accidently leaves the taps on or if a pan boils dry in the kitchen.

Leonie says: “I feel very safe living in my flat knowing that I have telecare helping me to live a better life. I know me and Regan are safe and there are other people around to help me.”

Telecare helps maintain Leonie’s independence and means Leonie and Regan can live safer lives, with added privacy, without fear of intruders, floods, fire or other risks.

Knowing that her flat is fully equipped to support her needs helps give Leonie the freedom and peace of mind to live the life she has chosen.

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