Tunstall Advisory Service

Tunstall’s Lee Hawksworth explains what our new Tunstall Advisory Service (TAS) means and how it could help you.

Today is a hugely exciting day for me as it marks the official launch of the Tunstall Advisory Service (TAS), a unique combination of specialist consultancy services which has been designed to support clients in the design, delivery and sustainability of telehealthcare programmes.

Tunstall has been offering advice and support to its customers since it was founded over 50 years ago. However, as the pressure on health, housing and social care increases there is a clear need for innovative service models that can support people effectively in the community, avoiding the need for more costly interventions. We have therefore harnessed the expertise of specialists across the business to create a multi-faceted team dedicated to helping providers embed enabling technologies such as telehealthcare into their services.

Including technology in health and care pathways can support the delivery of efficient services which are truly person-centred, and facilitate a cultural shift towards prevention, personalisation and empowerment. However, in order for this new approach to be successful, telehealthcare has to be focused on the outcomes delivered, and this requires an integrated infrastructure with the patient at its heart. The technology itself is an enabler for change, not a change in itself.

I have seen the positive impact telehealthcare, or technology enabled care services as it is also known, has had on users, families and professionals across the UK. I have also seen the barriers many providers have had to overcome in order to achieve these outcomes. There is a real requirement for an expert partner to assist in navigating a clear path towards mainstream implementation in order to realise the benefits.

This is the role of the Tunstall Advisory Service, which offers providers practical help in creating a service tailored to the needs of their area by:

  • Designing sustainable services which deliver the customers’ aims
  • Engaging relevant customer teams and winning hearts and minds
  • Embedding telehealthcare into care delivery
  • Making it easy to deploy our products and services
  • Delivering specialist training across stakeholder groups
  • Helping to improve people’s health and quality of life
  • Making efficiencies and saving money
  • Measuring performance

Today is an exciting day for all of us. The Tunstall Advisory Service supports commissioners in accessing high quality and value for money services. More importantly, the aim is to help more people with long-term health and care needs to get the most out of life with the support of personalised technology enabled care services.

Lee Hawksworth is Head of Strategic Services and manages the TAS team.

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