Tips for training health & social care staff in technology enhanced care services

Zoe BelfordZoe Belford, Director of Occupational Therapy Consultants Ltd outlines her top three tips for training health and social care staff in technology enabled care services.

When it comes to training professionals in the health and social care industry to use technology enabled care services, here are my top three tips for getting the best out of the training.

1. Ensure the training is tailored to the specific needs of each […]

Tunstall trainers have got it TAPped – recognising our Trainer’s achievements

Sue O’Connor, Telehealthcare Advisory Services Training Manager at Tunstall, describes the accreditation that Tunstall training staff have achieved.

A couple of months ago my colleague Duncan Bennett (Director of Customer Service and Support) blogged about an exciting culture transformation that is currently happening at Tunstall. As part of this process, we have recognised that investing in our staff is extremely important, as it benefits both our staff and our […]