Retailing telecare

Retailing telecare: the lessons


In this final post in a four-part series of blogs, Richard Haynes, Director at The Community Gateway and founder of Gadget Hub, shares the lessons he’s learned on his journey of retailing telecare.

Whatever I have to say on the subject of retailing could be argued and debated about, and not everyone will agree with me. However, three main points that I have made recently in […]

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Retailing telecare: have you got the retail factor?


In this blog (the third in a four-part series about retailing telecare) Richard Haynes, Director at The Community Gateway and founder of Gadget Hub, shares his experience of giving telecare the retail factor.

During Easter of 2013 I took part in a national competition called the ‘Retail Factor’, hosted by The Mall Fund. My concept was […]

Retailing telecare: your next mobile phone – in a parallel universe


Richard Haynes is Director at The Community Gateway and founder of Gadget Hub. This is the second post in a four-part series of blogs (read part one here) where Richard talks about his experience of mainstreaming telecare and why he thinks life-enhancing technologies deserve to have the retail factor.


Imagine you have reached […]

Retailing telecare: why should telecare be retailed?


Richard Haynes is Director at The Community Gateway, a community interest company that offers transformation support to the health and social care sectors by focusing on home care reablement and telecare. Richard is also founder of Gadget Hub, an innovative pop-up shop experiment that explored how life-enhancing technology can be promoted direct to consumers (business to consumer-style […]