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Breaking glass – how a smashed windscreen transformed quality at Tunstall France

Alain MonteuxAlain Monteux, Président Tunstall Vitaris blogs about the achievements made in transforming customer service and growing a vibrant, caring business.

Tunstall Vitaris is Tunstall Healthcare Group’s French connected care business, based in Le Creusot, we support 120,000 subscribers, and deal with over 1.5m calls per year (1m incoming and 500,000 outbound calls). The work we do spans psychological support services tackling isolation and wellbeing, and providing proactive support to caregivers […]

Being mortal – ensuring a good life through to the end

Being MortalMarketing Services Manager at Tunstall Claire Smith talks about reading Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal.

Once in a while a book comes along that has a profound effect on the reader. Being Mortal is a book I know I will revisit, and one that I would recommend everyone reads, especially those of us working with people who are older, have health and care needs or are at the end of their […]

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Representing Healthcare UK in Hangzhou, China

Tony Walker Twitter picsTony Walker, Sales Operations & Business Development Director at Tunstall writes about the first exhibition in China, representing Healthcare UK. Read the first part of his blog series.

As well as being my birthday, Saturday saw the end of the first part of the China Business Mission and we moved from Hangzhou to Shanghai. As this is my first exhibition on Chinese soil it’s difficult to […]

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The Silver Line delivers a golden service

SilverlineAndy Peterson, Head of Strategic Propositions at Tunstall get us up to speed on the progress of our project with The Silver Line and the Birmingham Telecare Service (BTS).

A reassuring pilot

It’s been a few months now since I last updated you on the progress of our Reassurance Calls pilot, being delivered in Birmingham to BTS service users by The Silver Line.

The good news is that we’re now fully up and […]

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From Cables to Community

Tony Walker Twitter picsTony Walker, Director of Sales Operations at Tunstall Healthcare tells us about Moorgate Mill in Blackburn.

If there were ever any doubts that the right blend of building design, technology and care can radically change lives then my experience last month should put paid to them all.

Moorgate Mill

I had the pleasure of visiting Moorgate Mill in Blackburn, a 20 apartment development for individuals with various disabilities and complex […]

Does spending more on adult social care equal better quality of life?

Does spending more on adult social care result in higher social care related quality of life scores? Apparently not, suggests Adrian Scaife, Health and Social Care Programme Manager, Tunstall Healthcare UK.

There has been much written about excellent patient involvement initiatives from a health perspective. For example, Tim Kelsey’s blog.

Relatively little attention has been paid to user reported measures of social care. However, the annual Adult Social […]