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iCarer to support caring networks

iCarer blog

Jim Charvill is Tunstall’s Group Director for Enterprise Architecture and his work involves developing new products and services. In this blog Jim discusses iCarer – a new system currently in development that aims to support those who care for others, in particular ‘informal’ (or unpaid) carers.

 iCarer is a three-year project funded through the AAL that started in 2013 with a goal to help informal carers. Here, Tunstall is working […]

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Supporting carers at work


Gemma Reucroft, Tunstall’s UK & Ireland HR Director, writes about the rising numbers of working carers – and what employers can do to help.

How many of your employees are caring for someone with dementia? Do you know? I’m guessing that most employers don’t. Yet we are facing a big challenge. Recent research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) said that dementia caring obligations cost English […]

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Carers Week


Gemma Reucroft, Tunstall’s UK & Ireland HR Director, talks about Carers Week and why we’re pledging to support our employees who have caring responsibilities.

Today marks the start of Carers Week 2014. Carers Week is an annual awareness campaign, with the aim of improving the lives of carers and the people that they care for, something that we are passionate about here at Tunstall Healthcare.

Research by Carers […]

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Tunstall Healthcare joins Employers for Carers

Employers for Carers

Gemma Reucroft, UK & Ireland HR Director, Tunstall Healthcare, explains why.

We are delighted to announce that we have joined Employers for Carers, in order to demonstrate our commitment to supporting our employees who also have caring responsibilities.

According to research undertaken by the Carers Week partnership for the report Prepared to Care?, 34% of carers feel that they have […]

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