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Improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and carers using toolkits of technology

HfTThis Carers Week, Steve Barnard, Strategic Director of Innovation at Hft, describes how Hft (a national charity supporting adults with learning disabilities) has used personalised (also known as assistive) technology to support people with learning disabilities and carers to live more independent, safe and healthy lives.

From specialist telecare systems to simple safer bath-plugs, personalised technology can have a huge impact on people with learning disabilities, giving them more […]

Being mortal – ensuring a good life through to the end

Being MortalMarketing Services Manager at Tunstall Claire Smith talks about reading Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal.

Once in a while a book comes along that has a profound effect on the reader. Being Mortal is a book I know I will revisit, and one that I would recommend everyone reads, especially those of us working with people who are older, have health and care needs or are at the end of their […]

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Personalisation and telecare: Real or lip service?

Photograph of blog author Adrian ScaifeAdrian Scaife, UK Product Marketing Manager, talks about personalising telecare services.

Personalisation is all around us. No longer is the famous maxim from the car maker Henry Ford “you can have any colour car you like as long as it’s black” true. Even when you have decided on a make and a model, there are still many choices to make to deliver the car that provides all the […]

From Cables to Community

Tony Walker Twitter picsTony Walker, Director of Sales Operations at Tunstall Healthcare tells us about Moorgate Mill in Blackburn.

If there were ever any doubts that the right blend of building design, technology and care can radically change lives then my experience last month should put paid to them all.

Moorgate Mill

I had the pleasure of visiting Moorgate Mill in Blackburn, a 20 apartment development for individuals with various disabilities and complex […]

A new approach to housing with care for complex needs


Matthew Warnes, CEO of Adaptive Technology (Europe) Limited (ATEL) tells us about his session at the recent Housing LIN conference.

Recently, I took part in an exchange session with Tunstall at the Housing LIN’s ‘Housing for Older People: A Festival of Ideas’ annual conference. I was there to share my experience of delivering life changing “technology enabled care” that supports a range of people living with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, […]

Is digital the new black?

Housing with care with LETS

Technology-enabled housing with care – why aren’t we further ahead

Ali Rogan, External Affairs Director at Tunstall Healthcare and author of a new paper ‘unleashing the power of digital communications’, discusses current challenges for housing with care providers.

We’re all different, but as we grow older most of us want similar things. To remain independent, and live somewhere safely and with dignity. To have the care and support […]

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Retailing telecare: have you got the retail factor?


In this blog (the third in a four-part series about retailing telecare) Richard Haynes, Director at The Community Gateway and founder of Gadget Hub, shares his experience of giving telecare the retail factor.

During Easter of 2013 I took part in a national competition called the ‘Retail Factor’, hosted by The Mall Fund. My concept was […]

Cross Keys Homes chooses Communicall Vi

Cross Keys Homes has partnered with Tunstall to deploy an innovative, scalable communications system as part of its new Extra Care facility in Peterborough.

The announcement marks the first installation of Tunstall’s Communicall Vi, which is designed to enhance care delivery and help residents maintain their independence in a supported living environment.

Due to open in summer 2014, the £9.9m new facility at the Coneygree Road site in Peterborough, will offer retirement and sheltered housing that has been designed to provide […]

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New films showcase Mi Smart House in Liverpool

Tunstall partner, Mi (More Independent) has launched a series of short films via its YouTube channel to introduce the new ‘Mi Smart House’ currently on display at the Museum of Liverpool.

In the videos, Radio City presenter Pete Price and Ben Ellis, Personalised Technology Coordinator for Hft, part of the Mi partnership, take a tour around a show house fitted with assisted living technology.

The Smart House has been designed to demonstrate how technology such […]

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A design for assisted living

An article from Kevin Beirne, Group Housing Director of Housing Care and Support for One Housing Group, which discusses how telehealthcare will play a key role in the future of assisted living for residents, has appeared on The Guardian’s Housing Network.

Six years ago, One Housing Group decided to embrace telecare technology fully to make it a core part of their service offering. In addition to expanding their own services, they wanted to promote aspiration, independence and social mobility among residents, […]

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