A new report by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and Tunstall Healthcare has addressed how commissioners and providers can deliver cost effective improvements in health outcomes, while focusing on quality and efficiency. The report, ‘Delivering housing, health and care outcomes’ is based on the collective discussions and examples from leaders across the sector, gathered at two summits held in March.

Based on the discussions presented by key industry figures, including representatives from the Department of Health, leading housing providers and an expert panel across housing, health and care, the report addresses how redesigned housing solutions can provide effective outcomes for individuals’ health and wellbeing. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of assistive technology, its incorporation into remodelled services, and the need for an improved understanding between housing, health and social care providers on the benefits it can offer.

Domini Gunn, Director of Health and Wellbeing at CIH Consultancy said: “There are new opportunities for housing to engage with health and care within new health and wellbeing organisations and commissioning arrangements. We need to demonstrate the value and cost benefits of investment in housing and housing-related support more effectively to our health and social care colleagues.

“This report is designed to help identify opportunities and develop a business case for housing-related support, including telecare and telehealth, service commissioning and development.”

CIH and Tunstall will be running further summits at Housing 2013, CIH’s major housing conference in Manchester. The discussions will be focused on how we will fund the care of an ageing population as outlined in the Dilnot report, and how current and redesigned housing solutions, incorporating assistive technology, can provide effective outcomes for individuals and communities.