Do we need Standards in a digital world?

Photograph of blog author Adrian Scaife

Adrian Scaife, UK Product Marketing Manager, Tunstall Healthcare, blogs about why we still need standards in a digital world. 

I was inspired to write this blog after reading two very different articles over the weekend but it emerged they had a common theme.

The first article was about the car industry’s first fatality involving an autonomous driving feature called auto pilot.

The fatal crash of a Tesla […]

Breaking glass – how a smashed windscreen transformed quality at Tunstall France

Alain MonteuxAlain Monteux, Président Tunstall Vitaris blogs about the achievements made in transforming customer service and growing a vibrant, caring business.

Tunstall Vitaris is Tunstall Healthcare Group’s French connected care business, based in Le Creusot, we support 120,000 subscribers, and deal with over 1.5m calls per year (1m incoming and 500,000 outbound calls). The work we do spans psychological support services tackling isolation and wellbeing, and providing proactive support to caregivers […]

Investing in your future – becoming an Apprentice Engineer

Duncan-BennettDuncan Bennett, Director of Service at Tunstall Healthcare UK blogs about his experience of starting as an Apprentice Engineer and why it makes a fantastic career choice.

When I left school back in 1973 I embarked on the first steps of a rewarding and varied career – I began my 3 year Apprenticeship at the Post Office Telecommunications (now known as BT) in Telephone Engineering. We are now offering very […]

Improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and carers using toolkits of technology

HfTThis Carers Week, Steve Barnard, Strategic Director of Innovation at Hft, describes how Hft (a national charity supporting adults with learning disabilities) has used personalised (also known as assistive) technology to support people with learning disabilities and carers to live more independent, safe and healthy lives.

From specialist telecare systems to simple safer bath-plugs, personalised technology can have a huge impact on people with learning disabilities, giving them more […]

Lightbulb Moment – Using Assistive Technology to support people with learning disabilities

Photo of Mike Chambers

Mike Chambers, Consultant, talks about the role of Assistive Technology helping support people with Learning disabilities and their family and friends. 

I guess like many of us in the housing and care sector, my involvement with telecare and assistive technology happened by chance rather than design. After many years involved in front line service delivery with various client groups, in 2006 I became a Supporting People Commissioner at […]

Introducing the innovation centre virtual tour

Rebecca WilliamsIn this blog, Rebeacca Williams, Product Marketing Manager, talks about the Innovations Centre project and introduces our new virtual tour. 

As today is Telehealthcare Awareness Day, now is a prominent time to reflect on the advancements and good work in this sector.  Just over six months ago we launched the Innovations Centre – a showcase for emerging and future technologies situated in our head office. Today we have launched an […]

Why Mental Health services need to explore the use of technology in prevention and early intervention

Rural and remote mental healthDr Jennifer Bowers, CEO/MD, Rural & Remote Mental Health blogs for us following her recent visit to the UK.

Having worked in mental health for over 20 years, I know only too well the dangers of focusing all funding and efforts on high end services, to the detriment of prevention and early intervention programmes.

I recently visited the UK on a fact finding mission and during […]

Tunstall Americas connects health and alleviates the pressure on hospitals

Ali in the US - 3

This is the final blog in a series by Ali Rogan, External Affairs Director, talking about her recent trip to the United States and the role of technology enabled care. 

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Venkat Sathiyamoorthy, Senior Vice President, Connected Health, Tunstall Americas during my trip to the US recently.

I was fascinated to learn that we work with 15 hospitals in […]

The Goods Life

Lynne WarnerTunstall’s Goods In department deals with everything from small packets to full pallets. Lynne Warner, Warehouse Operative, writes about the processes they use to ensure they get the right items to the right place at the right time.




Key stats about Tunstall’s Good In department:

  • Goods In receives an average of 100 deliveries each week
  • 30,000 items are delivered each year
  • Over £1m of goods are managed each month
  • Most items are processed from […]

So what about technology enabled care in America?

Ali in the US - 2This is the second blog in a series by Ali Rogan, External Affairs Director, talking about her recent trip to the United States and the role of technology enabled care. 

Read Ali’s first blog from America about care giving and the Boomer’s Summit. 

Continuing my theme of statistics from my previous blog, gleaned from  my trip to the Boomers Summit and Aging in America events in […]