Digital Technology – providing choice and independence in later life

Tracey Russell, Telecare Trainer at Tunstall Healthcare UK, blogs about her recent visit to the launch of City University London’s new Digital Technology Lab ‘CityTECS’.

On Wednesday 23 March, City University London opened the doors publicly to their new CityTECs Lab – a hub equipped with the latest health and care technology. The suite is fitted with a multitude of devices such as sensors for movement and bed or chair occupancy, medication dispensers and blood pressure monitors and […]

A focus on employee wellbeing

Wellbeing monthJenny McLellan, HR & CSR Projects Manager, writes about the recent wellbeing activities that have been offered at Tunstall. This blog forms part of our CSR series.

So we’ve just collected the feedback from our second wellbeing month at Tunstall, and I’m reflecting on what went well, what didn’t go so great and what to include in the next one. But first, perhaps I should explain what the […]

Being an Apprentice at Tunstall Healthcare – my experience

Photo of Amelia Tickle, HR and Recruitment ApprenticeThis year, Tunstall Healthcare hired three UK Apprentices, based in HR & Recruitment, Finance and Health & Safety. Our apprenticeship scheme works with colleges and learning providers, to help young adults kick start their working life by learning through action, working full-time and getting support and development for the next step in their careers.

Here, Amelia Tickle, our HR & Recruitment Apprentice writes a […]

Might the Connected Home and Connected Care really work for Older People?

Image showing front door to Mary's homeAdrian Scaife, UK Product Marketing Manager, Tunstall Healthcare, writes about a new showcase for connected solutions.

In recent months there has been increasing amounts of media coverage around the Internet of Things and the Connected Home. Some of it I can recognise as hype and I really wonder how much appetite we consumers might have for items that seem expensive and offer little extra value. […]

Housing providers are so innovative – let’s prove it

Photo of Ali Rogan, External Affairs DirectorAli Rogan, External Affairs Director at Tunstall Healthcare, describes the thinking around a new Housing LIN paper launched today, which brings to life the many ways in which technology can be used to underpin the delivery of improved housing with care in the South West.

We hear a lot about the challenges facing housing organisations, whether it’s related to reducing income, rent caps, an […]

Championing Dignity in Care

Emily ProctorEmily Proctor, Digital Marketing Manager at Tunstall Healthcare, blogs about the recent Dignity in Care campaign and how it resonates with Tunstall’s values.

On the 1 February we saw the charity Dignity in Care run the ‘Dignity Action Day’ awareness campaign; promoting dignity, independence and respect in the care sector. When I looked more in-depth at the campaign it rang a number of bells for how in-keeping the […]

Being Independent in York

James PorteousJames Porteous is in his late sixties, and contracted polio at the age of six. As a result, his breathing was severely affected and he became paralysed. Although he made a slow recovery, James has been a wheelchair user ever since. This limited mobility has not restricted his achievements; James trained as a stockbroker, and prior to retirement was Nestlé’s head of trade communications. Today he runs his […]

Enhancing Tom’s life with Connected Care

Lowri and AinsleyLowri Fon-Jones and Ainsley Bowles, Telehealthcare Development Consultants blog about personalising Connected Care solutions.

One of the biggest challenges in social care right now is being able to deliver high quality, personalised care and support within the existing resources. Many providers are now required to reduce the cost of their service delivery and are needing to create different, more cost efficient but effective ways of working.

So how about […]

Corporate Social Responsibility at Tunstall – incorporating it into our everyday

Image of Martin Wardle, Tunstall UKMartin Wardle, Bid Support Manager, talks about Tunstall Healthcare UK’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. This blog forms the first in a series about our CSR work.

Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) is becoming ever more important to businesses, but what is CSR, why is it so important and what is Tunstall doing about it?

CSR aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in an […]

Tunstall trainers have got it TAPped – recognising our Trainer’s achievements

TAP accreditationSue O’Connor, Telehealthcare Advisory Services Training Manager at Tunstall, describes the accreditation that Tunstall training staff have achieved.

A couple of months ago my colleague Duncan Bennett (Director of Customer Service and Support) blogged about an exciting culture transformation that is currently happening at Tunstall. As part of this process, we have recognised that investing in our staff is extremely important, as it benefits both our staff and […]