Raising awareness of technology solutions in the home

shutterstock_14460457David McKinney, Managing Director of Tunstall UK, reviews highlights about technology solutions in the news ahead of the general election.

It’s been a big month in terms of healthcare news, with a snap general election being called for the 8th June – it’s meant that issues such as social care, health and therefore technology in the home is being talked about more than usual as the industry works to get it […]

Parkinson’s Awareness Day – how can Connected Healthcare work for Parkinson’s?

Man using a tablet and mobile phoneDavid McKinney, Managing Director of Tunstall Healthcare UK, talks about how technology can help people with long-term conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Today is World Parkinson’s Day, a time dedicated to raise awareness of the condition, and ensure that we know what support is out there for anyone with Parkinson’s Disease. The condition affects around 127,000 people in the UK – that’s 1 in […]

Providing support at home and away

CareClip and charger imageJames Doyle, General Manager, Tunstall Emergency Response Ltd, introduces a new mobile GPS-enabled device – the CareClip.

Tunstall have recently launched a new wearable, mobile device that provides support both at home and away – with features such as a help button, location monitoring through GPS, boundary alerts and a two-way speech module to ensure that wherever the user may be, they can communicate with their formal […]

Self-management of diabetes using telemonitoring

Image of the blog author, Claire McQuillanClaire McQuillan, Tunstall Delivery Manager at Remote Telemonitoring Northern Ireland (RTNI) talks about a recent study considering the use of telemonitoring to self-manage diabetes.

The TF3 consortium (comprising Tunstall Healthcare, Fold Telecare and S3 Group) was awarded a 6-year contract in March 2011, to provide a telemonitoring service to the Northern Ireland health and social care system. The contract, which represents an investment of […]

The journey to becoming digital

UK Managing Director, David McKinneyDavid McKinney, UK Managing Director at Tunstall Healthcare, talks about becoming digital after a recent workshop at the Housing LIN annual conference.

Last week saw the annual Housing LIN conference, ‘a festival of ideas’, where we discussed new approaches in housing to improve care, build strong communities and deliver sustainable solutions. In the afternoon, I ran a workshop during the Knowledge and Innovation session alongside Pegasus Housing, […]

A diamond year for Connected Healthcare

IMG_2996David McKinney, Managing Director for Tunstall Healthcare UK introduces himself and looks forward to the Digital Journey as Tunstall celebrates 60 years of innovative solutions.

Over the last 60 years Tunstall has pioneered the use of technology to enable independent living, supporting more than 5 million people and their families across the world. Today, we celebrate our diamond anniversary, and look forward to the start of a new era where […]

City TECS – The Technology Enabled Care Studio at City University London

Vikram Bhakar_smallerVikram Bhakar, Telehealthcare Development Consultant from Tunstall Healthcare, talks about the City TECS lab at City University London and how it helps raise awareness of the available Connected Healthcare Services.

We are proud to have teamed up with City University London to support a purpose-built learning hub, designed to simulate a home environment. The new Technology Enabled Care Studio (TECS) was formally opened on 23rd March 2016. City […]

Signposting and telecare

Stuart LaFfinStuart La-Ffin, Consumer Channel Sale Dev Manager, talks about the importance of signposting to raise awareness of telecare and people’s options for support. 

Part of the current Care Act requires that local authorities in England provide information and advice that is universally accessible so that individuals understand what is on offer, help them plan for the future and know where to go for help.

Current “signposting services” will not be enough […]

Smart homes are the future – why occupational therapists need to embrace them

Julia Scottv2Julia Scott, CEO of the College of Occupational Therapists talks about how new technologies can be used by occupational therapists to help improve people’s lives. 

The “Robots are Coming!” is a phrase I have often used when talking to members about the future of healthcare and having visited Tunstall’s innovation centre I think they may well be with us very soon!

I was invited to visit Tunstall’s Response and Innovation […]

Telecare goes speed dating

Lowri Fon JonesLowri Fon Jones, Telecare Development Consultant, describes a recent, fast-paced event that she attended with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. 

Last week I had a very unusual opportunity to attend a ‘speed dating event’ at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. Now I’ll explain, as I had to explain to my other half, that this was, in fact, an opportunity to share information about our Telecare services during a seminar […]