Tunstall Product Specialist Rebecca Williams talks about the launch of My House of Memories – a new digital app designed for people living with dementia.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the My House of Memories launch, hosted by Steve Rotheram MP at the House of Commons. Created by National Museums Liverpool, House of Memories is an innovative project offering engaging activities and projects for carers of people with dementia. The project aims to increase awareness of the importance of memory so that people can find value and relief in reliving and communicating personal histories.

My House of Memories app is a part of the House of Memories project and is enabling people to both explore the past and share memories to enrich their lives in the present time. The app was designed by people living with dementia and their carers – for people living with dementia and their carers. What’s especially wonderful is that this free app is fully customisable by end-users. So, if a person liked working with horses, for example, they can collect pictures of horses to access through a memory timeline. It is an app that is definitely making a positive difference to the lives of people with dementia, their cares, families and friends – as you can see in the film above!

The My House of Memories app launch was attended by Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care and Support, who has commented:

“I am wholly supportive of the House of Memories. It is an exceptional project. National Museums Liverpool provides an innovative training programme that is making a real difference for social care staff by helping them to connect with the people with dementia whom they support every day… It is fantastic that the cultural sector is involved in work on dementia; it is a great collaboration. Getting the medical profession to consider new and different approaches beyond pure medicine can be very powerful. This work is critically important in supporting our drive to create more dementia-friendly communities.”

The launch was a great day to celebrate the success of the project and to consider the future of such technologies. Specifically, how we can move from reactive care to passive care, and how can we provide more holistic and person-centred technologies around individual people.

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