Tunstall Software Business Analyst Alejandro Arnés Poggi writes about the challenges of the telecare response centre, and how we can steer the delivery of telecare in a sea of exciting change.

Everything changes… The telecare ‘emergency button’ of old has evolved and grown and co-exists with a flood detector, a wearable fall detector and geo-locatable devices.  Meanwhile, the operational impact of this on telecare response centres presents us with an interesting and constant challenge.

How do we match capacity to satisfy the increased demand whilst balancing an ever increasing operational complexity?

What is the answer? Perhaps a good starting point would be a committed management vision with the discipline to face change directly from the response centre.  When we face the wave of change, we can duck underneath until another wave comes along, do nothing and possibly drown, or joyfully prepare for it and surf it!

We face the usual constraints of staffing and time and yet we need to do more – deliver more – with the same resources. So, how can we surf that wave? Challenge accepted. Let’s do it!

Enabling activities around the response centre
This can be achieved by capturing referrals, automating the installation process, enabling stock control and enhancing communications that support all exceptions to the established automation. (Yes, we need to acknowledge that there will always be exceptions to almost every organisational rule!)

Strengthening the backbone of telecare operations
This means proactive monitoring and going beyond the emergency call: looking for potential fall episodes; looking after cases where dementia or physical disabilities increase over time; humanising telecare delivery by being able to measure activity around the needs of a single individual in a time when ‘economy of scale’ justifies most decisions.

Providing a clear view
This can be realised by turning data into useful and purposeful information. Information that is relevant to service delivery and its performance, the community that is being served and, crucially, the person using the telecare.

And, what about the challenges for the telecare response centre? Indeed, there are many.  However, although there is not one easy formula to solve problems without unlimited resources, there are many new tools available. These tools can help with managing the response centre, the core and fringe operations, and the analytical support to successfully steer the delivery of telecare in a sea of exciting change.

So then, the question remains, how will YOU face the wave of change?

Alejandro works with the team responsible for PNC7 (Tunstall’s latest monitoring centre software) and is a strong advocate for increasing productivity and improving operational quality in response centres by the implementation of business intelligence and process automation tools.

Alejandro Arnés Poggi @Tunstall_AAP