Kevin Alderson, Public Sector Policy Director, Tunstall Healthcare, discusses the CIH/Tunstall Delivering housing, health and care outcomes summits.

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and Tunstall summits provided a great platform for the housing, health and social care sectors. Each speaker had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and it was a fantastic experience to learn more about the outcomes they are delivering. There is no doubt that the challenges we face are unprecedented. Doing more for less is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. As highlighted by CIH and the speakers, we are all in the business of improving people’s lives and the solutions and evidence to achieve this are closer to hand than many people think.

Here at Tunstall, our services and solutions are proven to work throughout health, housing and social care. However, we really need to be working closely alongside the leaders in these fields. We are very much the oil in the engine of change and we are here to help, to support the integration process, to improve outcomes for individuals and communities and, yes, to save people money. Historically, we may have been focused on telehealthcare technology and our solid manufacturing base, but we have now accumulated a vast amount of service delivery experience. After years of learning, years spent implementing technological solutions and years of delivering change, we are more focused than ever on whole system redesign and making systems more efficient and effective. This means embracing 360-degree solutions, whether we are delivering personalised telecare programmes in local communities or improving telehealth patient pathways at scale. We understand that technology is only a part of the solution to improving lives and generating the best outcomes. We know that outcomes can be improved dramatically by working synergistically and thinking holistically – and by wrapping care around the individuals we serve. Consequently, our LifeCare model enables true integration of care delivery and our pathway programmes are now extending our reach into related services around health, housing and social care.

The stories of innovative partnerships and the dedication to improving people’s lives that we witnessed at the summits were inspiring, as were the words of Domini Gunn, CIH Director of Health and Wellbeing, who chaired the summits. We heard a great deal about changing the way services are delivered. For example, Kevin Beirne, Group Director of Housing at One Housing Group, spoke about the integration of housing and health. Neil Revely, Director of Health, Housing and Adult Services at Sunderland City Council, spoke about how necessity is the mother of invention. Sandie Keene, Director of Adult Social Services at Leeds City Council and President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, talked about Leeds City Council’s innovative approach, and Housing Learning and Improvement Director Jeremy Porteus discussed ‘care ready’ housing.

Here at Tunstall we are delighted to be working alongside such innovators. We are proud to be helping unlock the potential of these change makers, and we are proud to be able to enable more and more people to live better lives.

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Kevin Alderson, Public Sector Policy Director, Tunstall Healthcare