A busy week for Digital Health, Care & Housing

Older person using a smart watchThis week is a busy one – not only for Tunstall, but for health, housing and social care, with three major events taking place – the Chartered Institute of Housing Conference, ADSS Cymru and the Digital Health Plus Care event.

Tunstall is looking forward to exhibiting and attending all events, talking to senior professionals about the journey towards digital, and the benefits of using a

A holistic view of healthcare in the UK

Holistic view of healthcare

David McKinney, Managing Director of Tunstall UK and Eire talks about why we need to look at health, housing and care as a whole.

The greatest challenges facing the NHS and social care currently are around increasing demand and decreasing budgets, and with an ageing population under the current model, more people are requiring acute care services, needing more beds, doctors and resources – and this week […]

Discussing going digital at the ADASS Spring Seminar

DaviIMG_0885d McKinney, Managing Director of Tunstall UK and Ireland, talks about this week’s ADASS Spring Seminar.

This week we are in Yarnfield for the annual ADASS Spring Seminar, talking to our social care leaders about the inevitable change from analogue to digital that will be starting next year and the impact it will have on social care in the UK.

The journey from analogue to digital in Sweden

At the event, we […]

Raising awareness of technology solutions in the home

shutterstock_14460457David McKinney, Managing Director of Tunstall UK, reviews highlights about technology solutions in the news ahead of the general election.

It’s been a big month in terms of healthcare news, with a snap general election being called for the 8th June – it’s meant that issues such as social care, health and therefore technology in the home is being talked about more than usual as the industry works to get it […]

Alyson Scurfield, Chief Excutive, TSA

alyson-scurfieldWe are excited to be bringing you our conference this year from Birmingham in an exciting new venue for TSA. We have a full programme this year with both days led by speakers who understand the vital importance of technology in their daily lives.

We look forward to hearing their stories, giving us all the inspiration and encouragement to argue that people should have access to a wide range of technologies […]

Sharing digital information – ensuring the NHS is viable for the future

Adrian HealdDr Adrian Heald, a Consultant Physician in Cheshire and Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, reflects on his session at the recent EHI Live conference talking about the importance of sharing patient care records.

I recently left the end of the EHI Live Birmingham event to go back to work as the on-call Acute Medicine Consultant at my hospital in Cheshire feeling both inspired but also challenged by […]

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Representing Healthcare UK in Hangzhou, China

Tony Walker Twitter picsTony Walker, Sales Operations & Business Development Director at Tunstall writes about the first exhibition in China, representing Healthcare UK. Read the first part of his blog series.

As well as being my birthday, Saturday saw the end of the first part of the China Business Mission and we moved from Hangzhou to Shanghai. As this is my first exhibition on Chinese soil it’s difficult to […]

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Transforming hospital care in Yorkshire with telecare

Staff in East Riding show their telecare equipmentMargaret Martin, Community Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, describes how East Riding has inspired change within technology enabled care in Yorkshire.

At East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) we have prioritised the use of connected care, and are delighted that our Lifeline service has recently been shortlisted for the annual TSA Crystal Award for Inspiring Change and Progress within Technology Enabled Care […]

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Tunstall – Ahead of the game for the last 60 years

Ainsley HFTAinsley Bowles, Telehealthcare Development Consultant, Tunstall, reflects on a recent event exploring connected care for people with learning disabilities.

“Ahead of the game for the last 60 years” – this was how Princess Anne described Tunstall to me when I was honoured to meet her at a recent event hosted by the HFT on personalised technology for people living with learning disabilities.

The HFT is a national charity supporting people […]

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The new York model

Heather BardenHeather Barden, Chief Executive of Be Independent in York describes how telecare and the social enterprise model is the perfect match.

City of York Council has supported its residents with telecare, response and community equipment for many years, but since April 2014 the service has operated as a social enterprise. This means we are a business with a social purpose (to support people living independently in their own homes for as […]

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