The new York model

Heather BardenHeather Barden, Chief Executive of Be Independent in York describes how telecare and the social enterprise model is the perfect match.

City of York Council has supported its residents with telecare, response and community equipment for many years, but since April 2014 the service has operated as a social enterprise. This means we are a business with a social purpose (to support people living independently in their own homes for as […]

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Personalisation and telecare: Real or lip service?

Photograph of blog author Adrian ScaifeAdrian Scaife, UK Product Marketing Manager, talks about personalising telecare services.

Personalisation is all around us. No longer is the famous maxim from the car maker Henry Ford “you can have any colour car you like as long as it’s black” true. Even when you have decided on a make and a model, there are still many choices to make to deliver the car that provides all the […]

From Cables to Community

Tony Walker Twitter picsTony Walker, Director of Sales Operations at Tunstall Healthcare tells us about Moorgate Mill in Blackburn.

If there were ever any doubts that the right blend of building design, technology and care can radically change lives then my experience last month should put paid to them all.

Moorgate Mill

I had the pleasure of visiting Moorgate Mill in Blackburn, a 20 apartment development for individuals with various disabilities and complex […]

It will be great when it’s finished

Alison RoganSomeone told me that’s what they say about Brussels. On my first trip this week, I could see where they were coming from – cranes in the sky, building sites, road blocks and dust. However I only ventured from my hotel to the EU Parliament, so I’m probably being a little unfair.

I’d been lucky enough to be invited by techUK and Coadec to join a delegation to […]

Why cocoa is the best cure

Lin Rees and mumTechnology enabled care is truly a lifesaver for my mum

Lin Rees, telehealthcare development consultant at Tunstall Healthcare, explains how a simple cup of cocoa linked through technology, keeps her mum safe, well and protected. 


My role within Tunstall is as a Telehealthcare Development Consultant. Over the past 8 years I have been working with Local Authorities and Health boards in Wales and England to embed telehealthcare […]

Using telecare in learning disability services

Zoe Belford

Zoe Belford, director of Occupational Therapy Consultants (OTC), talks about using telecare in learning disability services.

Rising demand combined with constrained resources and the Care Act mean social care is changing. As a consequence many people are choosing to focus on proactive, preventative and personalised services. I believe this promotes the use of assistive technology and occupational therapy to enhance the independence of people with a learning disability, which improves care […]

How technology can support people living with epilepsy


Tony Bullars, Sales and Support Director for Alert-it alarms, discusses how their range of support monitors came about and how they can help people living with epilepsy.

The development of the range of support monitors supplied by Alert-it began in 1992. At this time our Managing Director, David Godfrey, took up a challenge given to Remap (a charity). The challenge came from a local mum in Hinckley, who wanted a device […]

A new approach to housing with care for complex needs


Matthew Warnes, CEO of Adaptive Technology (Europe) Limited (ATEL) tells us about his session at the recent Housing LIN conference.

Recently, I took part in an exchange session with Tunstall at the Housing LIN’s ‘Housing for Older People: A Festival of Ideas’ annual conference. I was there to share my experience of delivering life changing “technology enabled care” that supports a range of people living with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, […]

The arts come to Tunstall – bringing colour and shade to the subject of dementia

Unlocking Dementia play

Ali Rogan, our External Affairs Director, reviews a week of local and national thinking and doing around dementia.

This week we have been very lucky at Tunstall. Doncaster Community Arts (Darts) gave two performances of their play Unlocking Dementia which has been devised by speaking with people living with dementia, family members, GPs and other professionals.

The performers took us through several scenarios covering many aspects of dementia. Ron who […]

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What is the Herbert Protocol and why is it important?


PC Jim Sheard, Mental Health Coordinator at South Yorkshire Police, writes about the Herbert Protocol – a risk reduction tool for people living with dementia – and explains why more people need to know about it.

Reporting someone as ‘missing’ to the police can be a deeply distressing and stressful experience, particularly when the person for whom there are concerns is a loved one.

When this person is potentially vulnerable through a […]

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