Why I use the Tunstall CareClip to keep me reassured

Grandmother gardening whilst reassuredRita, a grandmother who uses the Tunstall CareClip, writes about her choice and experiences of using the GPS-enabled fall detector.

I celebrated my 100th birthday with my family last year! I am in good health and live independently, and being able to do my gardening and local volunteer work helps me to stay that way. I like being able to go to the shops, visit friends and do […]

Why we chose the CareClip™ for my Grandmother

Image of an active elderly lady We recently set up my Grandmother with the CareClip service. At 101 years old she is proud to say she still lives at home and despite her great age she remains active and is a well known volunteer in her community.

Her independent nature meant that Grandma didn’t want to feel she was a burden on anyone and she certainly didn’t want us to […]

Providing support at home and away

CareClip and charger imageJames Doyle, General Manager, Tunstall Emergency Response Ltd, introduces a new mobile GPS-enabled device – the CareClip.

Tunstall have recently launched a new wearable, mobile device that provides support both at home and away – with features such as a help button, location monitoring through GPS, boundary alerts and a two-way speech module to ensure that wherever the user may be, they can communicate with their formal […]

Self-management of diabetes using telemonitoring

Image of the blog author, Claire McQuillanClaire McQuillan, Tunstall Delivery Manager at Remote Telemonitoring Northern Ireland (RTNI) talks about a recent study considering the use of telemonitoring to self-manage diabetes.

The TF3 consortium (comprising Tunstall Healthcare, Fold Telecare and S3 Group) was awarded a 6-year contract in March 2011, to provide a telemonitoring service to the Northern Ireland health and social care system. The contract, which represents an investment of […]

I don’t know who invented Telehealth but they deserve a medal

Photo of author Jo DennyIn this blog, Jo Denny, Telehealth Triage Nurse for Tameside and Glossop NHS Foundation Trust, talks about the topical issue of delayed discharge from NHS hospitals and how telehealthcare could be used as part of the solution.

We have seen it in the news recently, NHS hospitals are struggling with delayed transfers of care – a report by the Department of Health earlier this […]

Improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and carers using toolkits of technology

HfTThis Carers Week, Steve Barnard, Strategic Director of Innovation at Hft, describes how Hft (a national charity supporting adults with learning disabilities) has used personalised (also known as assistive) technology to support people with learning disabilities and carers to live more independent, safe and healthy lives.

From specialist telecare systems to simple safer bath-plugs, personalised technology can have a huge impact on people with learning disabilities, giving them more […]

Why Mental Health services need to explore the use of technology in prevention and early intervention

Rural and remote mental healthDr Jennifer Bowers, CEO/MD, Rural & Remote Mental Health blogs for us following her recent visit to the UK.

Having worked in mental health for over 20 years, I know only too well the dangers of focusing all funding and efforts on high end services, to the detriment of prevention and early intervention programmes.

I recently visited the UK on a fact finding mission and during […]

Enhancing Tom’s life with Connected Care

Lowri and AinsleyLowri Fon-Jones and Ainsley Bowles, Telehealthcare Development Consultants blog about personalising Connected Care solutions.

One of the biggest challenges in social care right now is being able to deliver high quality, personalised care and support within the existing resources. Many providers are now required to reduce the cost of their service delivery and are needing to create different, more cost efficient but effective ways of working.

So how about […]

National Heart Month – Len’s Story

HeartMonth blog 2

As part of National Heart Month this February, we’re looking at how remote monitoring solutions, like telehealth, can help patients across the UK better manage long-term heart conditions such as coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is the story of Len, a Swindon resident, who has been using telehealth since 2010.

Len is 62, and in 2001 he contracted a virus which left […]

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Using telecare to promote independence


Leonie is a 30 year-old mum from Coventry who has a learning disability. Leonie receives 12 hours of support each week from Real Life Options, a national voluntary organisation dedicated to providing person-centred support for people with learning disabilities. Leonie’s package of support includes help to attend appointments and events, as well as help with shopping and managing finances. However, a challenge arose when Leonie […]

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